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Martial Arts classes in Deeside for all the family

We teach Karate and Kickboxing classes in Shotton, Deeside. Cobra Life has programmes available that are suitable for all ages and abilities. We currently teach classes 3 weekday mornings, 4 weekday evenings and on a Saturday.

We also run Martial Arts Certified Instructor Training for martial artists wishing to take it to the next level and share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. On top of this we also work closely with primary schools delivering our Success for Life programme and local businesses delivering our Corporate Wellness programme.

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Our Classes

2-4 Cobra Tots

This is our youngest programme and is a Martial Arts Activity class teaching core physical skills like balance, hand and eye co-ordination and focus. All this whilst having fun with parents and children their own age to develop concentration and communication skills.

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4-7 Cobra Kids

Our Cobra Kids class is tailored to the youngest group. Based on fun to learn the basics with essential life skills such as Stranger Danger ,anti-bullying and Emergency Situation Management taught in an age appropriate and fun way. There's a spot for your child. Book Now!

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8-12 Junior Cobras

Our Junior Karate programme which is called "Junior Cobras" teaches children a wide range of skills and improves coordination, balance, concentration, discipline and fitness and gives them chance to make new friends and have great fun.

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13+ Adults Karate

We teach Wado-Ryu Karate which is a wonderful combination of traditional Japanese Karate, Ju-Jitsu and body management. It is a very progressive style which is modern whilst retaining all the elements and qualities of a traditional Martial Art. It is great way to tone up, build core strength improve balance and confidence as well as teaching you the skills needed to defend yourself.

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4+ Family Karate

These classes are designed for families who wish to take the opportunity to train together but you don't HAVE TO train with your family, individuals are just as welcome. They are fun filled and packed with all the learning that your family needs on their martial arts journey. Families who kick together, stick together!

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8-12 Junior Kickboxing

Aimed at the sportier, energetic child our Junior Kickboxing Programme is high energy. We cover techniques, pad work, bag work, defensive strategies and the option of light contact sparring. Children will benefit from improved fitness, balance and flexibility along with better concentration and coordination.

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Ladies Only Kickboxing

This programme is designed specifically with the ladies in mind.

This is for those ladies who wish to train only with other like minded ladies and want to lose weight, shape up, tone up, get stronger or more flexible whilst learning how to defend yourself in a great, fun alternative to the gym.

If you get bored easily or find it hard to commit to going to the gym regularly then a structured kickboxing class is exactly what you're looking for. What's more this programme is open to our "FREE TRIAL" offer so you have absolutely nothing at all to lose and absolutely everything to gain!

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13+ Adults Kickboxing

Our Kickboxing Programme offers a fun alternative to mundane workouts. Whatever your interest from improving fitness or loosing a little weight to learning how to defend yourself and your family or simply starting something new. You could be our next Black Belt Kickboxer. All ages and abilities are welcome. We particularly want new beginners.

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Success for Life

The Success for Life Programme is an exciting children’s educational and development programme at the cutting edge of character building and life skills taught through martial arts.

SFL features 12 levels of Life/Soft Skills Training. The programme is delivered by using SFL Themed Posters in school to promote the particular skill, SFL Weekly Message Scripts to help hit home the message being delivered to children, SFL Home Checklists that the children complete at home with parents, SFL Award Certificates to celebrate the child's learning and a SFL Parent's Letter to help parents understand what the programme is and to help them implement it with their children.

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Corporate Wellness Programme

This helps with those businesses that are bored of providing the same old corporate team building exercises that can often cost thousands of pounds and either involves a whole day off work and/or having to travel to designated premises. We come to you and we carry out the seminar at your own premises
(if suitable). Our courses provide your employees with the opportunity to build their teamwork skills, increase confidence both in and out of work, promote a healthy approach to understanding violent confrontations and show your workers that you care.

By booking us you are letting your employees know that you care about their safety, their well-being and that you are happy to invest in them not just in work but in their everyday lives also.

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Karate Parties

This event gives your child and up to 30 of their friends something unique, fun and challenging. Bored of the usual party ideas. Book with us today and you won't be disappointed!

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Our Team


Mr Gavin Eastham
Chief Instructor

Mr Gavin Eastham

Chief Instructor

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 75a Chester Road West

Deeside Flintshire CH5 1BZ
Tel: 01244630050

What People Say

"Well where do I start my daughter Maddison has been to 5 sessions now and the difference in her behaviour and confidence is amazing as a parent to see. Mr E is a very respectable man and works with each child as a class but also as an individual. I was very hesitant to join my daughter in to a marital arts group at first but it's one of the best decisions I have made... I as a parent made the right choice for my child.. I look forward to watching Maddison's journey with Mr.E and her fellow class members and to see where it takes her in the future. Thank you so much for this opportunity x"

Courtniie Jones

"An absolute fantastic class!!! my daughter who is 5 has struggled with her confidence in the past year, since starting this class within the first few weeks I have seen such a difference, she is no longer shy, she puts herself forward to answer questions and her level of concentration surprises me more and more each week. Mr E is a great teacher, patient and really understands the children, making it a great fun class to attend!!! Both me and Sophie look forward to each class and the future and highly recommend."

Jackie Doyle

"Before starting my three children at Cobra Life, I was looking for something that would include exercise, develop discipline and improve concentration skills. I also hoped to find something that the children would enjoy and feel a part of. I’m happy to say that with Cobra Life, I believe I have found something really good, which meets everything that I hoped for and much more too. Having tried other martial arts classes in the area, I find Gavin Eastham stands alone with the level of enthusiasm, care and passion he has for working with children as young and diverse as mine. His classes are packed with more than just endless karate moves. The life lessons that he is very passionate about are just one of the aspects that make the classes at Cobra Life stand out. If you are looking for a class which is engaging, informative and fun along with having the physicality to tire out your children and teach them manners, discipline and concentration skills at the same time, then I’d recommend getting in touch with Gavin and giving Cobra Life a try. We have been attending for just over a month now and my children love going, they have began to implement the things they learn at class into their everyday life and of course, what kid doesn’t like dressing up in a karate suit and pretending that they’re ninjas!! Alfie was awarded student of the month in August 2018. Alfie said: I feel really happy to be student of the month because I got a certificate and badge for concentrating and trying my very best. Cobra life makes me feel joyful and the only place I want to be. I feel confident and love learning kata. I think everyone would like to do karate as much as I do and Mr E is a brilliant instructor. He literally knows everything about karate and makes it fun!"

David Harrison

"We have been attending Cobra Life for nearly four months now and both my children absolutely love every lesson. They count down the sleeps to the next lesson and they implement everything they have learnt in to every day life at home and at school. They have gained confidence, learnt about emergency situations and how to manage them and they've learnt about strangers and safe strangers. Few words from Freya: Cobra Life is awesome and Mr E is even more awesome. I've tried my best to get student of the month and all my hard work paid off. I'm so happy with myself. Mr E has helped become more confident and I love learning my Kata- it's my favourite part of class!"

Katie Bowers

"I would recommend anyone to Cobra Life. My son has only been going for 2 weeks and he has already learnt so much. I'm so proud of him and it's all to do with Mr E who I would like to say a massive thank you to."

Robert Price

"My 5 year old has been going for about a month, and it's been one of the best things for her. I can see a real change in her, she's normally a shy child but quite happily joins in. She loves the group and loves going. 2 thumbs up from me and 5 stars!"

Carla Roberts

"The change I've seen in my 5 year old daughter is amazing and yet emotional. A child who wouldn't stand up in front of anyone to show off skills etc to now where her confidence is growing more and more each lesson is overwhelming. Still a long way to go but I know we will achieve this!"

Carla Roberts (2 weeks later!)

"Another fantastic training session watching my 6 year old son Jacob who has just completed his first month at Connah's Quay. It is amazing to see all the kids getting so interactive and enjoying the challenges that is set them and not only that, they are also taught about stranger danger. The coach Mr E is more than excellent, both he and his assistant have a very natural and calm approach with the kids. I might add that my personal take on this from an outsider's perspective, is it's not all about martial art in the classic sense of the word but it encompasses fitness, self -discipline, personal safety and respect and all done in a way the kids can all follow confidently. I have no vested interest in this other than I want my son to be a happy and confident person and that is starting to shine through. Keep it going guys you are doing fab"

Watt Tyler

"I was looking for a martial arts class for my five year old to learn focus, discipline and confidence. I did the usual search engine thing and looked at the classes in my area. Cobra Life Family Martial Arts Black Belt Academy stood out to me because of the Success for life programme. I went for a trial and it was soon evident that this was the perfect place for my son. Yes of course he was learning the art itself, but he was also learning what it is for. The biggie for me was when Mr E started to do some Success for life. At the time it was Stranger Danger and what to do and who to go to in certain situations. He does this as a game so the children don't even realise they are learning. Mr E was coming up with scenarios and options that would have never occurred to me to teach my little one. He would then explain or reinforce the choices made in an age appropriate way. Suffice to say it was enough for me have my son join. Since then observing the classes and the speed in which the children pick up the knowledge, I could write an essay on the benefits of attending. The life skills learned are priceless! I've seen how much the children have progressed and the knowledge they retain and I am totally blown away! Therefore not only did I join myself (totally didn't expect that) but I am now training to be a certified instructor!"

Dona Jones

"I have found that since my son has joined Cobra Life that he looks forward to a Wednesday. He doesn't find going a chore and is excited to go to class. My son has met some new children and he learns something new every week. I am glad that he has joined and I feel that he is becoming a more confident child because of it. I Would definitely recommend to others."

Sam Lewis

"Would recommend cobra life to any family who is seeking more confidence fitness an fun MR E and dona Jones has always got the time an patients to help anybody. Gabi has come such a long way in the short time of being there an I look forward to seeing her grow more in cobra life well done to you both"

Antony Knox

"Very friendly and welcoming. My daughter loves it. Her fitness levels are increasing all the time and she is doing well. Highly recommend"

Kinza Sutton

"Amazing ! Highly recommend"

Grace Williams

"My son and husband both attend, it has given them something to do together, building them up in confidence and fitness. It's Value for money."

Terri Payne

"When you are looking for a real change in your overall well-being and fitness levels this is the place to come to. All staff are respectful, courteous and accommodating. No great change comes without hard work but hard work is made far easier when you have someone cheering you on and guiding you. I genuinely feel like Mr E wants you to succeed in whatever your ultimate goal is."

Jo Caffrey

"This academy has taught me a great deal about self defence and helped me to gain confidence in working out at a pace that is encouraging and rewarding. Mr E and the trainers are helpful caring and we all feel like a family."

Becki Sheppard

"I really love coming to the classes Mr Eastam knows how to push you to get the best out of each person"

Nicki Heaps

"I got my daughter involved here just under 6 months ago. She was at the awkward teenage years and I worried that she was easily influenced, which scared me after hearing from multiple teenagers just exactly what they get up to when they're hanging around the streets. Also after a spat of bullying, which knocked her confidence badly and I worried that one day there will come a time I’m not there to protect her. Just under 6 months and now she’s doing amazing in all aspects of her life, she’s training to become a martial arts instructor at the age of 14, she’s looking up to lovely people and taking amazing influences from all of them. Everyone at cobra life it's not just people she trains with but friends and family too. They took her under their wing and they just want the best from her like they do with everyone involved there. She’s now blossoming into a lovely young women and her confidence has grown immensely and that’s all thanks to cobra life.. I now don’t have to worry where my daughter is or what she’s up to because she’s found something she is passionate about. After several attempts with other things, this is the one that’s gripped her and brought out the best in her. She absolutely loves it here. Mr E is an amazing instructor who goes above and beyond to help and work with all his students and just wants to help them with whatever that might be and help them reach their goals and beyond.. 100% recommend cobra life to everyone it is the best thing that’s happened to my daughter. Thank you so much mr E and to everyone else there too"

Cheryl Bailey

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