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The 12 Secrets of Black Belt Leadership Parents

Secret #1:  Black Belt Leadership Parents never interact with their children during class.  They realise that watching a martial arts class is just like observing their child in regular school, and the instructor is the only person in charge.  Interrupting or interacting with their child would

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Parents, 6 Things you should look for before choosing a Martial Arts Academy

Below is 6 things that every parent really should look for before choosing a Martial Arts Academy for their child:   Is there a high degree of emphasis placed on competition? If you walk into an academy with a bunch of trophies in the window – Run Out. You see the martial arts should be

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The Bushido Code

Bushido is one of the most popular Japanese codes adapted by warriors and samurais. In fact, it’s more popularly known by the Japanese as the “Way of the Warrior”. This special way of life is considered sacred and is well respected not only by the Japanese culture. It focuses more on

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MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS OF MARTIAL ARTS Be honest, how many times have you not turned up to training because you’ve had a bad day at work, or you’re too tired! I’ll admit I have before, and I can guarantee that if you didn’t train, you stayed feeling stressed or tired, or ended up having a

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TECH VS ACTIVITY I love technology. Most of us love the progress that’s been seen over the last decade or so. With the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Not to mention that our kids love gaming, whether that’s Fifa or Minecraft. I get it, it’s fun and games are so much better

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Corporate Wellness Program

Did you know that incorporating self-defence training into your company’s health and wellness program may be covered by your company’s health insurance? The Purpose of bringing a self defence consultant into your business or workplace… …is to make sure that your most valuable

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