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I love technology. Most of us love the progress that’s been seen over the last decade or so. With the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Not to mention that our kids love gaming, whether that’s Fifa or Minecraft.

I get it, it’s fun and games are so much better than Space Invaders or Pac Man. They can even spend more time watching Youtubers playing these games (if playing them is not enough!)

There’s nothing wrong with this at all, for a few hours in their spare time. However, on average kids are spending 6 hours a day (YES 6!!)  on “screens” – impacting negatively on their ability to focus, their interaction with their peers and their health.

Childhood obesity is becoming much more common now which will have major impacts on their health as they grow up. Also kids get bored so quickly now, anything they do take up, they give up almost as quickly.

We all need to find ways to change this. Your kids won’t be happy about it but this is where tough love needs to come in – short term pain for long term gain.

The following are some ideas:-

  • You don’t need to cut out tech altogether. Agree a maximum amount of time for each day. Once you’ve agreed on it – stick to it!
  • Encourage them to meet up with friends – ideally to do something active like having a kick about in a local park.
  • If they show an interest in an activity, really encourage this. Any activity is great, whether its a team sport like football /rugby or an individual sport like karate/swimming.

If you implement these simple rules/behaviours you’ll see improvements in temperament and focus really quickly. One of the main points is exercise. It has a great impact on both physical and mental health.

In addition to any activity they do, look at getting them into martial arts. Yes, this is a martial arts website but look it up independently. Karate in particular is proven to improve focus, discipline, fitness, confidence and build a positive self image – all of which technology has a negative effect upon.

Let’s start making an effort to buck the trend. Keep enjoying all the benefits and enjoyment technology brings, but let them see how much they’re missing out on too!!

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