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“Take care of the days and the years will take care of themselves”

“Take care of the days and the years will take care of themselves”

This theme gets us focused on being as productive as possible every day.

A college professor, renowned for his wisdom, was once asked how he deals with all of life’s challenges. He responded by saying “I eat the apple one bite at a time.”

We all probably need to be reminded every now and then about the value of taking one day at a time, making the most of it, and not worrying about tomorrow until it comes.

An ancient Zen proverb says “If you are going to sit, sit. If you are going to stand, stand. Whatever you do, don’t wobble!

The wisdom in this proverb reminds us that if we worry about one thing while we are doing another, we tend to freeze up and do not do anything. If we can learn to be in the present, then we will be better prepared to be productive and make the most of each day. This in turn creates the focus and self discipline need to avoid procrastination in designing the lifestyle of your preference.

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