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“Self-Image = Attitude = Success”

“Self-Image = Attitude = Success”


During every moment of our lives, we programme our self-image to work for us or against us. Since it is only a mechanism, having no judging function, it strives to meet the objectives and goals we set for it regardless of whether they are positive or negative, true or false, right or wrong, safe or dangerous.


Its sole function is to follow instructions, implicitly based upon previous inputs, like a computer reading its programming code and responding automatically.


Scientists agree that the human nervous system cannot tell the difference between an actual experience and an experience imagined vividly, emotionally and in detail. This is why attitude is so important and determines success. Because attitude is an imagined inclination toward the achievement of a certain event.


Therefore, attitude is everything since the human system cannot tell the difference between an actual performed experience and an imagined synthetic experience. Many of your everyday decisions are based upon information about yourself that has been stored as truth, but is just a figment of your own imagination, shaded by your environment.


Remember, Self-Image = Attitude = Success!

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