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Parents, 6 Things you should look for before choosing a Martial Arts Academy

Below is 6 things that every parent really should look for before choosing a Martial Arts Academy for their child:


  • Is there a high degree of emphasis placed on competition? If you walk into an academy with a bunch of trophies in the window – Run Out. You see the martial arts should be about creating a win-win relationship and developing your child’s character. There is a big difference between a little bit of healthy competition to improve your own efforts than focusing on beating someone else’s.

If you walk into an academy that talks about developing physical champions who win tournaments run for the hills because they are only focused on physical accomplishments and not the expansion of emotional or intellectual improvement and maturity for all ages. Try somewhere else.


  • Martial Artists should hold themselves to a higher level of respect. If the instructor of the school begins to speak badly of others in your area then you are in the wrong place for you and your child. There will be good bad in every industry, the good ones know who they are and they do not need to try and help their cause by tearing down other school owners. The bad ones well, enough said.


  • Next, how about the instructors themselves – Do they walk their talk? How do they look? How active are they in the community? Did they show a level of respect that you would be proud for your child to emulate? Is there any doubt as to whether or not the instructor represents a degree of success you would like to personally have? If it’s less than yours, and what you want for your children, leave.

If the Martial Arts instructor doesn’t look as though he or she has it “together” don’t even engage in a conversation. However, if they do look as through they represent a higher degree of value for their lives in terms of what they are willing to do for themselves and others, well, you’ve obviously walked into the right academy.


  • The floor, when I use the term floor I’m talking about the class experience. If the instructor needs help while s/he’s teaching, how good is s/he? Here’s another telling sign of the degree of professionalism in the Martial Arts Academy – If the instructor can’t gain the compliance of a class simply and effortlessly then there is a problem. Their job is to teach class. \Their job is to gain the active attention of each and every child in the academy, and by doing so they will lead by example.


  • Do they offer some kind of “Risk Free Trial” or better still a “Guarantee”? If you are in good school that prides itself on its reputation and it’s service they will happily give you a guarantee on their service and products.


  • If they charge for your Martial Arts on a “per session” basis. This can mean only one of two things, firstly they aren’t intending on being around for long or secondly this is just a “hobby” for them.


Remember we are talking about introducing an adult into your child’s life that can potentially have a massive effect on their future. Don’t leave it to the amateurs – look for those who are professional, and charge a professional fee after all we are talking about making an investment in your child’s future.

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