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TECH VS ACTIVITY I love technology. Most of us love the progress that’s been seen over the last decade or so. With the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Not to mention that our kids love gaming, whether that’s Fifa or Minecraft. I get it, it’s fun and games are so much better

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Corporate Wellness Program

Did you know that incorporating self-defence training into your company’s health and wellness program may be covered by your company’s health insurance? The Purpose of bringing a self defence consultant into your business or workplace… …is to make sure that your most valuable

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Cobra life is proud to announce that we’re now a Social Enterprise

Cobra Life is a Social Enterprise Our business has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents. We are an independent business and earn more than half of our income through trading (or are working towards this) We are controlled and owned in the interests of

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Referral Race

So guys this referral race is really hotting up! Our members were already keen to refer friends and family members but this competition just adds an extra spark. It gives another incentive and the prize… well curiosity is really setting in now. I promise it won’t be too much longer

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Reduce your risk of cancer

Today’s blog is a little different. I was reading an article yesterday from the Chester Standard and wished to share it with you all as we all know someone who has been affected by cancer. “Cancers are responsible for 25% of all deaths in the UK and in our lifetime we all know someone

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1 week old!

Well we’ve been open only one week and have already got enrolled students (you know who you are), we’re preparing for a Self Defence Seminar and in the process of preparing a 6 week ladies only bootcamp. Busy times ahead. Thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far. Mr E [...]Read

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