Cobra Life Family Martial Arts Black Belt Academy

75a Chester Road West, Shotton, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 1BZ.

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4-7 Cobra Kids

This programme is for one of our younger age group and is affectionately called “Cobra Kids”. This programme will be used for our younger students to learn the skills necessary to progress and develop ready for the “Junior Cobras” programme. We teach Emergency Situation Management, which covers: stranger danger, fire safety, getting lost, emergency services, health and safety, social awareness and behaviour. Discipline is hidden in the background encouraging growth through fun & learning.

You will see improvements in concentration, balance, coordination and fitness whilst our aim is for the children to always leave smiling.

They are based on fun, fitness & discipline this is a great class for the tiny terrors, check out our timetable page for full details and to book in for a FREE trial

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